Investment Management

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their financial goals and sustainable business growth. We offer comprehensive and customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector, including fuel and oils, agriculture, mining, and technology.

Our team of highly qualified experts is committed to providing exceptional service, based on the core pillars of trust, transparency, and excellence.


We are an organization that offers a wide range of services related to finance and business development. We facilitate financial transactions, help individuals and businesses to manage their assets, provide financial advice and offer solutions for a variety of financial needs.

Our firm prides itself on over 15 years of extensive experience in the structuring, management, and development of diverse projects, including mining, energy generation, technological ventures, agricultural initiatives, and the purchase and sale of commodities such as fuel and minerals. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and strategic financial advice, ensuring that our clients achieve their financial goals. Our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to provide innovative solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Beacon of excellence in the realm of investment management, dedicated to crafting tailored solutions for our clients.

Investment consulting services

We provide financial advice to our clients, helping them identify investment opportunities that align with their objectives.

We assess the financial landscape and conduct in-depth analysis to provide sound and informed recommendations.

Trade of Fuels

We stands as a player in the fuels and oils sector, offering a comprehensive suite of services that encompass the entire value chain. Our expertise lies in managing a diversified portfolio of commodities related to fuels, ensuring a seamless flow of products from origin to end-user. We forge alliances with refineries in non-sanctioned countries, expanding our reach and ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality Jet A1, Diesel, EN590, Premium fuels and others.

Corporate Finance

We provide corporate finance services to companies seeking to expand their operations or finance major projects. We help our clients to determine the optimal capital structure and to secure the necessary funds through different sources, such as loans, private investors, or bond issues.

Mining Structuring and Management

We provide comprehensive services across the entire mining value chain, from structuring and exploration to exploitation and capital management. We offer our clients a full suite of solutions to help them develop and manage their mining projects, from greenfield exploration to brownfield optimization. 

Capital structure optimization

We help our clients determine the optimal capital structure for their company. We evaluate the different sources of financing available and advise on the appropriate mix of debt, equity, and other financing alternatives to achieve an optimal balance between risk and return.

Innovation in the Technology Industry

We are at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in the development of medical devices, information systems, and applications. Our team of highly skilled engineers are dedicated to creating solutions that address real-world challenges and improve lives.

Agribusiness Development

We are a leading player in the agribusiness sector, committed to sustainable and profitable agricultural practices. With over 100 hectares of our own farmland in Colombia and empowered over 30 companies to achieve their agribusiness goals providing comprehensive advisory services.


Welcome to our escrow account service, where efficiency and security converge to provide you with a reliable transaction experience.

Here is the process and conditions to use our escrow account efficiently:

1. Registration and Verification:

  • Start the process by registering on our platform.
  • Complete identity verification to ensure the security of all parties involved.

2. Transaction Creation:

  • Initiate a new transaction and specify the details, including the amount and terms of funds release.

3. Secure Deposit:

  • Make the agreed deposit into the escrow account. The funds will be held securely until the conditions are met.

4. Transparent Tracking:

  • Access a transparent control panel that allows you to track the status of the transaction in real time.

5. Condition Compliance:

  • Both parties work to meet agreed-upon conditions, which may include delivery of goods, services, or any other previously established criteria.

6. Verification and Release of Funds:

  • Our team verifies compliance with the conditions.
  • In case of compliance, funds are automatically released as agreed.

By choosing our escrow account, you are selecting an efficient process backed by reliable service. Simplify your transactions and enjoy the convenience of our escrow account platform – we’re here to make your financial transactions safe and hassle-free!